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A thread was initiated here in June,2008 in "Vedic Astrology (jyotish)- Aurdya" forum that time of taking oath by the new US president on 20th January, 2009 was inauspicious.The thread is reproduced below.

It was especially pointed out that retrograde & combust Mercury certainly indicates adverse effects. Now it is evident from the fumble in the oath ceremony itself. He had to take the oath afresh

Now some western astrologers are debating under various blogs & articles that the second oath may be taken as valid for future forecasting. Does that mean that if a marriage once solemnized in inauspicious time, can be rectified by marrying once again by the same couple at an auspicious time? War once started under an elected time (adverse) , may be stopped & started again under another auspicious time?

Readers must recall that if there has been a fumble in taking oath, the person has not been able to complete the term.

Readers may also be well aware that Electional astrology (Muhurt) is recently added in western system of astrology where as it was available since Vedic era in India. “Vasist Samhita”, written by Sage Vasist is the first such treatise known to us. In addition, we have lot of aphorisms in Vedas about the Muhurt Vidya.

The author has also contributed in wikipedia under “Electional Astrology” giving comparison of Vedic & Western systems of electional astrology, in para 4." Hindu vs Western electional astrology” refers. For those interested may please log on to:

We Indians should be proud of our astrology, especially electional as well as propitiations branches of astrology, and have enormous information for benefit of humanity. It is up to the aspirants to take benefits for attaining the best possible results.

… V K Shridhar


was started by me in the month of June, 2008, that the time of oath by the next US president on 20th Jan, 2009, is not auspicious as per the Vedic / Indian system of Muhurt branch of astrology. Now the next prersident has been elected, and his appointment shall have world wide effects. A thought is hereby trigerred in the minds of the astrological feternity to adivse in the matter,and to contribute opnion in time. The matter should be debated only on astrological aspects.

There is controversy about date of birth of the next elected US president. This may also be debated. More should be brought to the debate, supporting his birth data.

The thread is reproduced below again.

... V K Shridhar

Author of "Hindu Electional Astrology" - the best seller compendium on Vedic /Hindu system of Muhurt ( Electional ) astrology.

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– a debate

The next US President shall take oath on 20th January, 2009 – which is observed as inauspicious time as per Vedic / Indian system of electional (Muhurt) astrology. Discussion herein is based on Indian system (Nirayana - Sidereal system) of astrology.

The oath is generally taken around mid-day on 20th January when according to Indian system of astrology Aries 21º shall be rising, with Moon in 8th house (6º 15´ - Scorpio, Anuradha asterism); While the Jupiter (9º 33´ – combust), Mercury ( 6º 38 – is combust & retrograde) and Rahu are with the Sun ( 6º 49´) are in the 10th house. Mars lord of ascendant and 8th is in 9th house. There is exchange of 5th lord Sun and 10th lord Saturn. Venus is in 11th house. Exact time of oath taking and the astro details of the oath taker are not known, therefore divisional charts and beneficence of the for the individual are not discussed. However it is essential that the election time is universally auspicious with co-occurrence of Muhurt Yogas and Panchaga Shuddhi; in addition to beneficial time in respect of transits of planets & Dasha, to the individual taking oath.

The day is Tuesday – considered malefic for taking oath / coronation; and certainly before mid-day.10th Tithi is beneficial being Poorna, but the Moon is waning, and thus weak. Anuradha asterism is held as beneficial for oath ceremony but its Tara Bala (strength) & favourable transit for the individual is to be examined with respect to the person taking oath. Vishti Karan (Bhadra) is universally held as the most inauspicious for such ceremonies; and it gets further ferocious with concurrence of Tuesday. Presence of inauspicious Shula Yoga further adds to inauspiciousness. Thus four out the five elements of Hindu Panchanga four are not in favour.

There is no beneficial Yoga present on 20th January, 2009 for auguring the said time as universally auspicious. Combination of 10th Tithi and Tuesday makes “Karkacha Yoga” – an adverse Yoga. Concurrence of Tuesday and Anuradha asterism makes “Kuyoga” held as malefic. The Moon shall be in 24th asterism from that of the transiting Sun, causing “Upgraha Dosha” – adverse for especially for marriage, travel and house related elections. Thus there is no assistance from any special Muhurt Yogas, considered essential for a beneficial election.

In the election chart, the Moon is in 8th house – held as highly prohibited for initiating any beneficial activity. Thought its debilitation effects in 8th house gets cancelled, but shall have adverse effects on homes / houses, transport system and public in general of the country, with regards to their damage / destruction / losses. Retrograde & combust Mercury may cause severe adverse effects on communication systems, army, Government employees and servants. As per old Western school of thought in astrology, the Mercury being Cazimi, shall have beneficial effects. But Most of the modern followers do not agree with this old thought. Difference in their longitude is 0º 11´ 38˝, but some savior is that their declination is different. Retrograde planet especially Mercury is held by Western astrologers as certainly unfavourable in important elections. Lord of luck (9th house lord) Jupiter is combust and in the same Navamsha with the Sun; being functional malefic for Aries ascendant, may cause instability & disrepute to the ruler. Retrograde Saturn may breed some new unusual and unpleasant steps in diplomacy & governance; some of which shall be withdrawn at latter stages. Income, trade, wealth of the country shall certainly expand and flourish. Thus election chart does not augurs towards beneficence.

The detailed analysis can only be made after knowing the exact time of taking oath; but the above effects can be mitigated to some extent. From 12 hrs 0 min to 12 hrs 38 min, Abhijin / Abhijit Muhurt prevails, which has immense power to reduce / annihilate adverse effects – as per Vedic astrology. Further Mars as lord of the ascendant in 9th house is another beneficial aspect in the election chart. But in general the said time is not observed as auspicious for taking oath by the head of state of the most powerful country.

The purpose of this article is to trigger a discussion among the Muhurt astrologers (both from east & west) to examine the suitability of the oath time and possibility of recommending another suitable time, after thorough debate, getting benefits Vedic electional astrology which has withstood test of time for the last 5 millenniums. Muhurt (electional) astrology was originated in Vedic era, and is considered as the most useful branch of Hindu astrology. Of late westren astrologers have also started following it. But need of the hour is that remedial advice should be given in advance.

--- V K Shridhar

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