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Sun’s transit in Sagittarius – No fear in general Muhurtas (elections)

Recently there has been a telecast propagating that solar month of Paush ( transit of the Sun in Nirayana (sidereal) Sagittarius – from 17th December, 2009 to 16th January, 2010) is considered as fully inauspicious for initiating all types of worldly activities, but shall have benefic effects for Punayakarmas (meritorious deeds). This is without any known logical reference from any treatise on Muhurt (electional astrology); and thus ignorant masses are not only misled but a fear is induced in their minds & psychic.

Logic given by the learned Pandit through an Indian TV channel that whenever the Sun transits Sagittarius sign, the solar month is called “Khar Maas” – a totally malefic month; unsuitable for initiating any mundane activity. It was further propagated that Punyakarmas performed during the said month fructify & yield benefic effects. Argument given is that the solar month when the Sun transits Sagittarius, is Khar month, also called Mal Maas, as it transits sign of Jupiter. And its effects are similar to that of the transit of Jupiter in Leo (sign ruled by the Sun). It is also claimed that the month is said to have adverse effects of “Gurvaaditya Dosha” (malefic effects of astrological combination of Jupiter & the Sun). The viewers were frightened that full failure shall be faced by them if they initiate any of the worldly activity during the said month. Host of such activities were spelled out. They were further misguided that they should initiate Mangalik activities like Daan, Snaan, worshipping, Vrata, pilgrimage, & the like; which shall yield much benefic results.

There are stray references of Paush month as not an auspicious month in Muhurt treatises, but nowhere it is equated with adverse effects like that of Guvaaditya Dosha. This Dosha (malefic effects) occurs when Jupiter is transiting Leo. Some opine that when Jupiter is weak (transiting Capricorn) & or is combust also form the said Dosha. Severity of the Dosha in diminishing order in according with various Muhurt treatises are: Jupiter in Leo sign & Leo Navamsha, Jupiter in Leo, combust, up to 16° 40 in Leo, Jupiter 5° in Capricorn (deep debilitation), the Sun & Jupiter in one sign, Jupiter is debilitated, Jupiter & the Sun in each others signs, when Jupiter is retrograde or Atichar, Jupiter & Venus in one sign or in opposition, few days before Jupiter is set & few days after it rises. Lot many antidotes of this Dosha have been mentioned in Muhurt treatises, and some are applicable to specific geographical locations.

The activities which should not be performed during the currency of Gurvaaditya Dosha are: building & using of small well, water tank, garden & house; starting & completion of fast, entrance of newly wedded bride in her husband’s house; Mahadaan (Tula Daan); Soma Yagya; Ashtaka Shardh (Shardh of Pitri Paksha); Gohodan (Keshanta Samskar of a Brahamchari); first eating of newly grown grains; first Shrawanikaram; Samvartana (end of Brahamcharya); Vedavrata; Neelvrasotsarga; Atipanna Shishu Samskar (Samskar like Jaatkarama celebrated after the prescribed time); Naam Samskar; Deva Pratishta; Deeksha (learning of Mantras); Upnayana; marriage; Mundan (first cutting of hair); first time seeing an idol of a God or visit to a pilgrimage; renunciation of the world; Agnihotri; first visit to a king; coronation; first travel; Chaturmas Vrata (leaving of vegetables in Shravana, curd in Bhadrapada, milk in Ashvin, & cereals in Karttika); piercing of ears. Best of the Sages & Acharyas agree to this. These are also prohibited during Adhika & Mal Maasas.

However, Seemanta, Jaatkaram, Naamkaran & first feeding may be done during the above said Gurvaaditya Dosha as in the Samaskars, where time (month / year) has been specially prescribed, the Dosha are not applicable. Further daily activities & urgent activities can always be performed during currency of Doshas, as Muhurt is not required in such cases.

There is difference between “Khar Maas” & “Mal Maas” (Adhika Maas). While the former is simply a malefic month & the latter is a Solar month which does not have a New Moon. Both Pausha & Magha Lunar months during 2009-10 are pure months (not Adhika or Mal Maas); by either mode of reckoning viz, Shukladi or Krishnadi. Therefore severity of the Sun’s transit in Sagittarius is by no means malefic in respect of Muhurtas. Thus the said Khar Mass can not be said or equated with Mal / Adhika Maas. Therefore activities prohibited in Mal / Adhika Maas can not be prohibited during currency the Sun transits Sagittarius in 2009-10.

Since none of the criteria mentioned above, which are applicable to Gurvaaditya Dosha are prevailing and the current Lunar months are pure ; during the transit of the Sun in sidereal Sagittarius in 2009-10 – aspirants should have no fears to refrain from initiating all types of life activities during the said solar month.

Certainly, Muhurt (elections) is a specialized field of knowledge in our Indian / Vedic astrology, and the task of electing good / benefic Muhurt for individuals should be left to specialists in the field. I feel that astrologers must refrain from misguiding & frightening the masses by introducing baseless fears in their minds.


The author has written a compendium on electional astrology titled “Hindu Electional Astrology” For details readers may log on to

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Bhadra – no fear of celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Bhadra – no fear of celebrating Raksha Bandhan

On a famous Indian news channel there was a programme at 16.00 IST on August 4, 2009 that “Raksha Bandhan” – festival celebrated by sisters & brothers for mutual welfare etc.,. It was advised that

a) During Bhadra (Vishti Karan) prevailing from 01.00 IST to 17.13 IST, the said festival should not be celebrated.

b) However during mid-day time (from 12.13 to 12.51 IST), it can be celebrated.

c) Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krisha (sisters & bothers) who celebrated this festival during currency of Bhadra had faced the wrath, known to all of us.

Apparently the purpose of the telecast was advisory. But this shall certainly lead to immense difficulties to the sisters who go to their brothers’ place for celebrating the festival. Due to propagation of this blind faith a fear psychosis shall be inducted in them, in case they do not adhere to the advice. More so by citing the examples from our sacred books, a fear has been generated among the sisters & brother becomes many folds.

Social customs & religious dictums over-rule the logics. But we must examine the logic part of the cautions telecasted as above.

First of all the Vishti Karan (Bhadra) starts at 03.59 IST (not from 01.00 IST) & ends at 17.12 IST. Bhadra, having duration half of a Tithi; occurs 8 times in a Lunar month. It occurs on first half of full Moon day (15th Tithi) on all the Lunar months. Therefore on every festivals of “Raksha Bandhan” – Bhadra prevails during its first half of the 15th Tithi (Full Moon day).

I am not aware the text from which the acharya has culled the references that Saroop Nakha / Ravan & Draupadi/ lord Krishna had suffered in their lives ONLY due the fact that had once celebrated the festival during currency of Bhadra. In my opinion a mere mistake like this in nature in performing a ceremony like “Raksha Bandhan”, can not bring such a bad luck as it was propagated to support the argument advising refraining celebrations during Bhadra. It is mere exaggerations & illogical.

I am sure that all of us must have celebrated the festival many times during currency of Bhadra. But all of us have not met the adverse fate as deadened in the cited examples.

It was recommended that from 12.13 to 12.51 IST, the festival can be celebrated, being Madhyanha (mid-day). Detailed logic was not given, but it appears that it relates Abhijit Muhurt; which prevails 24 minutes before & after local mid-day (for 12 hours daytime length).

Mid-day is a local phenomenon, and in the telecast the time was to be complied all over the country. In Delhi mid-day shall be at 12.27 IST, and day length is 13h 26m. At Delhi Abhijit Muhurt starts at 12.00 IST and ends at 12.54 IST on august 5, 2009. It is a local phenomenon. It appears that there has been some error in calculations. It was not told as to which anti dote he was referring to.

During the discussion it was mentioned that Bhadra is said to be daughter of the Sun. Lot many Muhurt treatises have references of Bhadra Devi mentioning that she was born from the body of Lord Shiva to kill Daityas. Bhadra has an ass face, three legs, seven arms, black in colour, long tail, fire emanating from her mouth, eyes like cowrie (cyprcea moneta) and emanates sound like thundering of clouds. After her birth she smeared her body with fire ash, wore clothes made from shrouds & rode on dead bodies in funeral / burial place. After developing a huge body, fierily attacked like a thunder on the army of the Daityas. After massacring the Daityas she resided in the ear of the Lord Shiva & decorated the same. Thus the pleased Devatas established the Bhadra Devi at the end of the movable Karanas.

With the blessing of the Lord Shiva she engulfs / eats all the efforts made in Manglik works conducted during the Vishti Karan with her fire like tongue. Thus Manglik works like marriage, Upanayana and the like auspicious works, travel, entering into a house must be shunned without fail during Vishti Karan.

Prescribed works in Bhadra are: arresting, tying, administering poison, igniting fire, use of weapon, tearing or cutting an object, inflicting sorrow, all type of works related to camel, horse, & buffalo; birth of a horse & donkey, cooking, worshipping of lord Shiva & Parvati, & fort also.

Even when Bhadra is highly inauspicious, Acharya Kalidas (author of Jyotirvidabhranam- an authoritative treatise on Muhurt) has advised that worshipping during Parvati Ashtami (Hartalika), worshipping of Lord Shiva & Parvati, worshipping of one’s deity, water storage (dam), starting of Yagya, conducting Yagya, Holika, Shravani Karam, Jaatkaram Samskar, barter in trade, pious work & giving an item to a king always yield good results.

But there are lot many antidotes and exceptions to initiate other / important life activities during currency of Bhadra; described as below:

a) When Bhadra resides in heaven or Hades (like it shall be on August 5, 2009 – in Capricorn sign) essential works can be conducted.

b) The Bhadra Dosha is considered at all places. However in Bengal, Nepal & Mithila, the Bhadra Dosha is only considered during Shravana & Falguni (Holi festival).

c) Bhadra is not malefic after mid-day (Muhurt Ganpati – 6/25)

d) Bhadra head in Krishan Paksha & tail in Shukla Paksha can be used. Nominal duration of tail part of Bhadra is 72 minutes.

It is accepted that during currency of Bhadra auspicious life activities are not performed and that if Muhurt is to be elected during its period then, must be selected by in case of urgency by expert professional astrologer.

Let us understand difference between Muhurt & celebration of an annual festival. Muhurt is elected for life time activities performed generally once. For celebration of annual festival like “Raksha Bandhan”, such fears must not be generated among the masses. It may not be out of the context to mention that our one Chief Minister had taken oath during the currency of Bhadra & very successfully completed the full tenure, and was also again re-elected.

There is no dictum in Muhurt (election) treatises that “Raksha Bandhan” should not be celebrated during Bhadra. Under the ensuing Bhadra on “Raksha Bandhan” following is recommended:

a) The festival may be celebrated during currency of 15th Tithi (from 03.59 IST on August 5, 2009 to 06.25 IST on August 6, 2009); by those who have not been complying any Muhurt for “Raksha Bandhan” so far.

b) Those who are interested in selection of an auspicious time may follow:

i) Bhadra tail period starts at 11.50 IST & ends at 13.51 IST. Thereafter Bhadra’s head period starts and ends at 16.05 IST. Tail period can be used.
ii) It can well be performed after local Mid-day. '

iii) It can well be performed during Abhijin Muhurt, For calculating Abhijin Muhurt log on to

iv) Tail period coinciding with Abhijin Muhurt can very well be used, more so as the Moon is simultaneously transiting Capricorn – without any fear. This shall be an auspicious Muhurt.

For details refer to “Hindu Electional Astrology”- a compendium on Vedic / Indian Muhurtas and may log on to

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Akshaya Tritiya - do not follow blindly

--- V K Shridhar

Indeed as per dictums of Vedic / Hindu electional (MUHURT) astrology, Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most effective election. However, it is painful that masses are misguided as they do not have access to the treatises & original source. I has written a blog in google blog, on the subject on May 7, 2008 (copy produced here ).

Now Akshya Tritiya is falling on 27th April, 2009 from 03.51 IST, and ends at 01.07 IST on 28th April, 2009. Krittika Nakshatra ends at 09.07 IST, and thereafter Rohini starts. Rohini ends at 07.08 IST on 28th April, 2009.

Krittika and Monday when concurrent causes malefic Yoga due to birth constellation of Moon which rules Monday – as per Sage Brihaspati.

Combination of Rohini Nakshatra & Monday forms “Sarva Siddha Yoga “ and “Amrit Yoga”- thus the said Akshaya Tritiya on 27th April becomes very auspicious / beneficial.

Since the Said Tithi is primarily for initiating auspicious activities rather than for worldly activities; but those who intent to use this Tithi for worldly purposes may use Abhijit Muhurt of the day. For calculating Abhijit Muhurt, please log on to
wikipedia : electional astrology

Thus most effective part of the Akshaya Tritiya covers 09.07 IST ( 03.37 GMT or the local sunrise time – which ever is latter) on 27th April, 2009 , and ends at 01.08 IST on 28th April, 2009 (19.38 GMT on 27th April, 2009. Starting & ending times of Tithis & Nakshatras is celestial phenomenon.

As per the dictums on electional astrology, this Akshaya Tritiya is not auspicious for those having Janma Nakshatra as Poorva Bhadra, Vishakha or Punarvasu; as the Rohini Nakshatra falls on their Nidhan Tara. Sage Vasist has advised that any activity initiated on Nidhan Tara does not fructify.

Further aspirants may also select auspicious & beneficial Hora on Monday suitable for the activity to be undertaken, for their specific benefit.

Further Sukshama Muhurt is fundamentally essential as all the duration during currency of any beneficial / auspicious period (here in the said Tithi) can not be beneficial to all the aspirants. There are a number of cautions in selection a good or better Muhurt; for which advice of an expert astrologer in Muhurt should be sought individually.

What to do on Akshaya Tritya falling on April 27, 2009 :

A) Do Punya Karmas (meritorious deeds)
B) Donate : if possible gold. Purcahse og gold is not mentioned in any treatise on Hindu astrology on thuis day.
C) Prohibited activities are, Upnayana, marriage, ending of fast, house construction & entering thereof, travailing and plantation.
D) If any aspirant desire to initiate any new activity, then it can beinitiated during local noon time (+/-) 24 minutes.

Copy of the blog written on Wednesday, May 7, 2008
AKSHAY TRITIYA – use your prudence in Muhurtas (elections astrology)

Akshay Tritiya is held as one of the most auspicious Tithi in Hindu calendar and is covered under Sade Teen Muhurtas, which is held by all the exponents as extremely auspicious period in Muhurt (electional) astrology. “Akshay” literally means which can not be destroyed.

But the question is whether all the living-beings should follow this period for their auspicious Muhurta and for initiation of “all” the life activities. The answer certainly is “NO”. It is not feasible to throw full light on the Hindu system of electional astrology in an article of this nature but effort is made to enlighten professional astrologer not to misguide the masses.

Ashay Tritiya is the third lunar day (Tithi) of bright half (Shukla Paksha) of Vaishakha lunar month. It was the Tithi prevailing at the start of Treta Yuga & is called as Yugadi Tithi. Its Devta is Lord Vishnu, and it coincides with Parshuram Jyanti. Punya Karma such as Japa, Tapa, Dana, Snaana, Havan, Hooma performed in this Tithi is extremely meritorious. During currency of Yugadi and Manvadi Tithis prohibited activities are, Upnayana, marriage, ending of fast, house construction & entering thereof, travailing and plantation. Thus following dictums of Hindu electional astrology the said activities should be prohibited on Akshya Tritiya. The said Tithi is beneficial for Punya Karmas and not for the worldly activities.

Selection of an auspicious Tithis for initiating an activity in the first fundamental of Hindu electional astrology. It has to be ensured that the Tithi is not sullied or become inauspicious by virtue of presence of other adverse electional element. Further there can not be said with certainty that a particular time is auspicious for all the human beings for all types of life activities. Auspiciousness of a Tithi is decided based on Janma Rashi and name of the doer, transits of planets , Sartvatobhadra Chakra, its favourable / unfavourable durations, its sub-divisions (Kshana Tithi), Muhurt Yoga formed with prevailing week-day & constellation, maleficenece due to Mass –Shunya Tithi, Tithi Shunya Nakshatra, Tithi-Shunya Lagna, Kshaya Tithi, Vridhi-Tithi, Pradosha, its Vish-Ghati & Amrit Ghatis, Ghaata Tithis, malefic Tithis for certain Rashis. etc. – to name some of the elements in its selection. Better the work is left to specialists in the field.

Now referring to the Akshay Tritiya falling on 7th May, 2008 in light of the some of the above elements we may examine how it is limited to its usefulness. The said Tithis starts at 10.08 IST (04.38 GMT) and ends at 06.34 IST (01.04 GMT). It coincides with currency of Krittika Nakshatra up to 20.01 IST (14.31 GMT) on 7th May, 2008 and there after Rohini Nakshatra prevails up to 17.34 IST (12.04 GMT) on 8th May, 2008. Currency of the Tithi and Nakkshatra are universal phenomenon. However weekday is Wednesday in India which is based on local sun-rise. ‘Atiganda Yoga’- a malefic Yoga – prevails up to 01.00 IST on 8th May, 2008.

Incidentally the Tithi is not Kshaya in India, but it is Kshaya in the geographical regions where the local sunrise is between 01.04 GMT to 04.38 GMT. In those regions the weekday shall be sullied due to “Tithi Kshay”. Its portion (9th Ghati to 12th Ghati – considering day length as 60 Ghatis) is Vish Ghati. This period starts from 12.51 IST (07.31 GMT) to 14.12 IST (08.42 GMT) - which is considered as highly poisonous- and should be prohibited. in good elections.

The Tithi coincides with Wednesday, which forms “Mrityu Yoga”- deadly Yoga- prohibited for any good election. According to Sage Brihaspati concurrence of Wednesday and 3rd Tithi forms “Dagdha Yoga”- another deadly Yoga.

During 3rd Tithi: Leo and Capricorn ascendants are “Tithi –Shunya Lagnas” ; and also Gemini & Virgo ascendants , being malefic ascendants for Jaya Tithis – therefore the periods coinciding with these ascendants should be avoided- it is a local phenomenon. should be calculated.

Further 3rd Tithis is held as inauspicious for peoples having Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius as Janma Rashis; some opine that it is malefic for Gemini as Janma Rashi.

However the Tithis coincides with Rohini Nakshatra up to 20.01 IST – which forms “
“Amrit Siddha Yoga’ or “Prashata Yoga”; and thereafter with Mrigshira Nakshatra it forms “Sarvartha Sidhha Yoga”. Both the Yogas are held as highly auspicious Muhurt Yogas. It also forms auspicious “Ravi Yoga” from 20.01 IST on 7th May, 2008 to 17.34 IST on 8th May, 2008- another powerful electional Yoga. Further for precise auspicious moments in the Tithi, one has to calculate Kshana Tithi (sub-division of Tithi) period.

From the above it shall be observed by the learned readers that they should not blindly use the Akshay Tritiya falling on 7th May, 2008 for beneficial elections (Muhurtas) especially worldly activities, rather they should follow cautiously and in consultations with astrologers having specialization in Hindu Electional astrology. The said Tithi is not fully auspicious for initiation of all the activities.


V K Shridhar is author of “Hindu Electional Astrology”- the largest compendium on Vedic / Hindu system of Muhurt (election) astrology.
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A thread was initiated here in June,2008 in "Vedic Astrology (jyotish)- Aurdya" forum that time of taking oath by the new US president on 20th January, 2009 was inauspicious.The thread is reproduced below.

It was especially pointed out that retrograde & combust Mercury certainly indicates adverse effects. Now it is evident from the fumble in the oath ceremony itself. He had to take the oath afresh

Now some western astrologers are debating under various blogs & articles that the second oath may be taken as valid for future forecasting. Does that mean that if a marriage once solemnized in inauspicious time, can be rectified by marrying once again by the same couple at an auspicious time? War once started under an elected time (adverse) , may be stopped & started again under another auspicious time?

Readers must recall that if there has been a fumble in taking oath, the person has not been able to complete the term.

Readers may also be well aware that Electional astrology (Muhurt) is recently added in western system of astrology where as it was available since Vedic era in India. “Vasist Samhita”, written by Sage Vasist is the first such treatise known to us. In addition, we have lot of aphorisms in Vedas about the Muhurt Vidya.

The author has also contributed in wikipedia under “Electional Astrology” giving comparison of Vedic & Western systems of electional astrology, in para 4." Hindu vs Western electional astrology” refers. For those interested may please log on to:

We Indians should be proud of our astrology, especially electional as well as propitiations branches of astrology, and have enormous information for benefit of humanity. It is up to the aspirants to take benefits for attaining the best possible results.

… V K Shridhar


was started by me in the month of June, 2008, that the time of oath by the next US president on 20th Jan, 2009, is not auspicious as per the Vedic / Indian system of Muhurt branch of astrology. Now the next prersident has been elected, and his appointment shall have world wide effects. A thought is hereby trigerred in the minds of the astrological feternity to adivse in the matter,and to contribute opnion in time. The matter should be debated only on astrological aspects.

There is controversy about date of birth of the next elected US president. This may also be debated. More should be brought to the debate, supporting his birth data.

The thread is reproduced below again.

... V K Shridhar

Author of "Hindu Electional Astrology" - the best seller compendium on Vedic /Hindu system of Muhurt ( Electional ) astrology.

================================================== ======

– a debate

The next US President shall take oath on 20th January, 2009 – which is observed as inauspicious time as per Vedic / Indian system of electional (Muhurt) astrology. Discussion herein is based on Indian system (Nirayana - Sidereal system) of astrology.

The oath is generally taken around mid-day on 20th January when according to Indian system of astrology Aries 21º shall be rising, with Moon in 8th house (6º 15´ - Scorpio, Anuradha asterism); While the Jupiter (9º 33´ – combust), Mercury ( 6º 38 – is combust & retrograde) and Rahu are with the Sun ( 6º 49´) are in the 10th house. Mars lord of ascendant and 8th is in 9th house. There is exchange of 5th lord Sun and 10th lord Saturn. Venus is in 11th house. Exact time of oath taking and the astro details of the oath taker are not known, therefore divisional charts and beneficence of the for the individual are not discussed. However it is essential that the election time is universally auspicious with co-occurrence of Muhurt Yogas and Panchaga Shuddhi; in addition to beneficial time in respect of transits of planets & Dasha, to the individual taking oath.

The day is Tuesday – considered malefic for taking oath / coronation; and certainly before mid-day.10th Tithi is beneficial being Poorna, but the Moon is waning, and thus weak. Anuradha asterism is held as beneficial for oath ceremony but its Tara Bala (strength) & favourable transit for the individual is to be examined with respect to the person taking oath. Vishti Karan (Bhadra) is universally held as the most inauspicious for such ceremonies; and it gets further ferocious with concurrence of Tuesday. Presence of inauspicious Shula Yoga further adds to inauspiciousness. Thus four out the five elements of Hindu Panchanga four are not in favour.

There is no beneficial Yoga present on 20th January, 2009 for auguring the said time as universally auspicious. Combination of 10th Tithi and Tuesday makes “Karkacha Yoga” – an adverse Yoga. Concurrence of Tuesday and Anuradha asterism makes “Kuyoga” held as malefic. The Moon shall be in 24th asterism from that of the transiting Sun, causing “Upgraha Dosha” – adverse for especially for marriage, travel and house related elections. Thus there is no assistance from any special Muhurt Yogas, considered essential for a beneficial election.

In the election chart, the Moon is in 8th house – held as highly prohibited for initiating any beneficial activity. Thought its debilitation effects in 8th house gets cancelled, but shall have adverse effects on homes / houses, transport system and public in general of the country, with regards to their damage / destruction / losses. Retrograde & combust Mercury may cause severe adverse effects on communication systems, army, Government employees and servants. As per old Western school of thought in astrology, the Mercury being Cazimi, shall have beneficial effects. But Most of the modern followers do not agree with this old thought. Difference in their longitude is 0º 11´ 38˝, but some savior is that their declination is different. Retrograde planet especially Mercury is held by Western astrologers as certainly unfavourable in important elections. Lord of luck (9th house lord) Jupiter is combust and in the same Navamsha with the Sun; being functional malefic for Aries ascendant, may cause instability & disrepute to the ruler. Retrograde Saturn may breed some new unusual and unpleasant steps in diplomacy & governance; some of which shall be withdrawn at latter stages. Income, trade, wealth of the country shall certainly expand and flourish. Thus election chart does not augurs towards beneficence.

The detailed analysis can only be made after knowing the exact time of taking oath; but the above effects can be mitigated to some extent. From 12 hrs 0 min to 12 hrs 38 min, Abhijin / Abhijit Muhurt prevails, which has immense power to reduce / annihilate adverse effects – as per Vedic astrology. Further Mars as lord of the ascendant in 9th house is another beneficial aspect in the election chart. But in general the said time is not observed as auspicious for taking oath by the head of state of the most powerful country.

The purpose of this article is to trigger a discussion among the Muhurt astrologers (both from east & west) to examine the suitability of the oath time and possibility of recommending another suitable time, after thorough debate, getting benefits Vedic electional astrology which has withstood test of time for the last 5 millenniums. Muhurt (electional) astrology was originated in Vedic era, and is considered as the most useful branch of Hindu astrology. Of late westren astrologers have also started following it. But need of the hour is that remedial advice should be given in advance.

--- V K Shridhar