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Sun’s transit in Sagittarius – No fear in general Muhurtas (elections)

Recently there has been a telecast propagating that solar month of Paush ( transit of the Sun in Nirayana (sidereal) Sagittarius – from 17th December, 2009 to 16th January, 2010) is considered as fully inauspicious for initiating all types of worldly activities, but shall have benefic effects for Punayakarmas (meritorious deeds). This is without any known logical reference from any treatise on Muhurt (electional astrology); and thus ignorant masses are not only misled but a fear is induced in their minds & psychic.

Logic given by the learned Pandit through an Indian TV channel that whenever the Sun transits Sagittarius sign, the solar month is called “Khar Maas” – a totally malefic month; unsuitable for initiating any mundane activity. It was further propagated that Punyakarmas performed during the said month fructify & yield benefic effects. Argument given is that the solar month when the Sun transits Sagittarius, is Khar month, also called Mal Maas, as it transits sign of Jupiter. And its effects are similar to that of the transit of Jupiter in Leo (sign ruled by the Sun). It is also claimed that the month is said to have adverse effects of “Gurvaaditya Dosha” (malefic effects of astrological combination of Jupiter & the Sun). The viewers were frightened that full failure shall be faced by them if they initiate any of the worldly activity during the said month. Host of such activities were spelled out. They were further misguided that they should initiate Mangalik activities like Daan, Snaan, worshipping, Vrata, pilgrimage, & the like; which shall yield much benefic results.

There are stray references of Paush month as not an auspicious month in Muhurt treatises, but nowhere it is equated with adverse effects like that of Guvaaditya Dosha. This Dosha (malefic effects) occurs when Jupiter is transiting Leo. Some opine that when Jupiter is weak (transiting Capricorn) & or is combust also form the said Dosha. Severity of the Dosha in diminishing order in according with various Muhurt treatises are: Jupiter in Leo sign & Leo Navamsha, Jupiter in Leo, combust, up to 16° 40 in Leo, Jupiter 5° in Capricorn (deep debilitation), the Sun & Jupiter in one sign, Jupiter is debilitated, Jupiter & the Sun in each others signs, when Jupiter is retrograde or Atichar, Jupiter & Venus in one sign or in opposition, few days before Jupiter is set & few days after it rises. Lot many antidotes of this Dosha have been mentioned in Muhurt treatises, and some are applicable to specific geographical locations.

The activities which should not be performed during the currency of Gurvaaditya Dosha are: building & using of small well, water tank, garden & house; starting & completion of fast, entrance of newly wedded bride in her husband’s house; Mahadaan (Tula Daan); Soma Yagya; Ashtaka Shardh (Shardh of Pitri Paksha); Gohodan (Keshanta Samskar of a Brahamchari); first eating of newly grown grains; first Shrawanikaram; Samvartana (end of Brahamcharya); Vedavrata; Neelvrasotsarga; Atipanna Shishu Samskar (Samskar like Jaatkarama celebrated after the prescribed time); Naam Samskar; Deva Pratishta; Deeksha (learning of Mantras); Upnayana; marriage; Mundan (first cutting of hair); first time seeing an idol of a God or visit to a pilgrimage; renunciation of the world; Agnihotri; first visit to a king; coronation; first travel; Chaturmas Vrata (leaving of vegetables in Shravana, curd in Bhadrapada, milk in Ashvin, & cereals in Karttika); piercing of ears. Best of the Sages & Acharyas agree to this. These are also prohibited during Adhika & Mal Maasas.

However, Seemanta, Jaatkaram, Naamkaran & first feeding may be done during the above said Gurvaaditya Dosha as in the Samaskars, where time (month / year) has been specially prescribed, the Dosha are not applicable. Further daily activities & urgent activities can always be performed during currency of Doshas, as Muhurt is not required in such cases.

There is difference between “Khar Maas” & “Mal Maas” (Adhika Maas). While the former is simply a malefic month & the latter is a Solar month which does not have a New Moon. Both Pausha & Magha Lunar months during 2009-10 are pure months (not Adhika or Mal Maas); by either mode of reckoning viz, Shukladi or Krishnadi. Therefore severity of the Sun’s transit in Sagittarius is by no means malefic in respect of Muhurtas. Thus the said Khar Mass can not be said or equated with Mal / Adhika Maas. Therefore activities prohibited in Mal / Adhika Maas can not be prohibited during currency the Sun transits Sagittarius in 2009-10.

Since none of the criteria mentioned above, which are applicable to Gurvaaditya Dosha are prevailing and the current Lunar months are pure ; during the transit of the Sun in sidereal Sagittarius in 2009-10 – aspirants should have no fears to refrain from initiating all types of life activities during the said solar month.

Certainly, Muhurt (elections) is a specialized field of knowledge in our Indian / Vedic astrology, and the task of electing good / benefic Muhurt for individuals should be left to specialists in the field. I feel that astrologers must refrain from misguiding & frightening the masses by introducing baseless fears in their minds.


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